Here's More About Me

Hi, I’m Rachael! 

My joy in life is to help, inspire and be an invitation to myself and others to live joyful, aware, empowered, happy, healthy, uplifting, fulfilling and fun-filled lives. To be the infinite beings  we truly are and to expand, grow and connect to the possibilities for each of us, our friends, our families,our communities and for the world.  

I share practical, easy to use tools and techniques that you  can use to transform a small part of your life, ...... or your  whole life, whichever you would like to choose!

I am passionate about who I am and what I do and create in  the world.  All of the tools and techniques I share are also the  ones I have used and continue to use in my life and they  have contributed to me being happier, healthier, more free  and more me!

  • Have you had enough, and do you need some tools to help you?
  • Would you like more freedom, ease and joy in your body and your life?
  • Would you like to change part of your life or your whole life?
  • Would you like to create something greater and choose more of you?

If so I'd love to work with you!

To find out more and to book an appointment or a place at a class, contact me or join my facebook group:

01644 450269                                                                  

07984 923243