Customer Feedback

"This yoga class is ideal for beginners and moves at a pace suitable for everyone in the session. Rachael is very patient and is considerate of everyone's needs, she ensures that modifications are available if required. Dru Yoga is a gentle form of Yoga which promotes relaxation & gives your whole body a gentle workout. The classes are fun and informal with a friendly atmosphere, leaving you with that feel good feeling for the rest of the day!" Sue, Clayton

“For several months I suffered from chronic abdominal pain, eventually diagnosed as an anxiety disorder.  After talking to Rachael I decided that I would try a short course of hypnotherapy together with a weekly yoga class.  The improvement in my health was more or less immediate.  I attribute my current feelings of wellbeing to my involvement with Rachael and I would without hesitation recommend her services to anyone.”  Marilynn, East Ardsley

“Since beginning the Dru yoga sessions I have learnt to 'listen' to my body more.  For an hour and a half I can focus on 'me' and let go of the hustle and bustle of the day.  My back pain has eased since starting Dru yoga and I always feel quite invigorated and energised after a session.  It sets me up for the week!”  Carol, Birstall

“I attended Dru Yoga having tried other yoga classes and failed.  I have found Dru Yoga very gentle and flowing, not only is it very relaxing but it also very beneficial for all ages. Dru Yoga has changed the way I think, feel and most of all after years of suffering with a damaged back and hip it has helped to the point I am totally pain free 90% of the time.  Rachael is a fantastic teacher of Dru taking time to ensure each person has correct posture and has wonderful energy.  Thank you Rachael.”  Rebecca, Batley

“I’ve been to many different yoga classes but this is the first one to have completely unified my mind, body and spirit.  Rachael’s class was fun, friendly and focussed!  I left with a wonderful feeling of Zing!!”  Lindsey, Mirfield

“I highly recommend Rachael, I found her to be a very professional, perceptive, intelligent and sensitive therapist. I attended for two sessions as I lacked confidence in delivering presentations and public speaking and this was holding me back in my career. I felt immediately more confident after just one session. However what helped most was a personalised CD that I could listen to at home and therefore continue the therapy at my leisure.  I have felt so much better ever since, I have achieved success in my career and can deliver presentations and present myself without the anxieties that plagued me before.”  Susan, Wakefield

“After three hypnotherapy sessions and a helpful CD, I noticed a significant diminution in the intrusive nature of my tinnitus. Thank you Rachael.” Anne, Cleckheaton

"Rachael is a fantastic hypnotherapist. She has a calm and caring approach and is very professional. After 6 years of trying for a baby I was at my wits end then Rachael helped me by doing hypnotherapy to deal immune issues and poor ovarian reserves which cause fertility problems. She created a CD for me which I am listening to everyday, it is very calming and has helped me to relax and stay positive about the future. I am now much happier in myself and accepting to what life brings. I would highly recommend Rachael for hypnotherapy.”  Michelle, Leeds

"I was suffering chronic psoriasis and my skin was flaring.  I was attending hospital daily and having dressings applied from neck to toe.  Rachel taught me several relaxation techniques, including yoga poses, and visualisation exercises.  The result of this was I felt calmer inside and not so prone to 'flying off the handle'.  She also taught me different ways of releasing my inner anger in a constructive way.  I got a hypnotherapy CD, which was absolutely brilliant, I slept through the night for the first time in years!  My skin is a lot calmer now, and I feel much more in control of my life.”  Mel, Dunfirmline

“Your treatments provide me with a space for me, a space to be still and quiet. Each treatment is different each time, but always as powerful.  I feel the positive effects of Reiki both during the treatments and afterwards, gaining a greater sense of peace and relaxation both in terms of bodily tension and on an emotional/spiritual level.  Rachael is extremely person centred, friendly, non-judgemental and knowledgeable and her passion for her work is clear each time we meet.”  Kate, Drighlington

"Thank you for a lovely Dru Yoga class yesterday, once again I feel so much better. Since coming to your classes the benefits for me have been enormous, especially when it comes to coping with a manic work & home life.  I find myself using the breathing & stretching techniques a little every day and whereas once I felt completely overwhelmed and unable to cope, I can now go about my life in a more relaxed fashion having some "Dru" tools in my toolbox to help me cope with the stress of this busy, busy world, in fact I feel like I have got "me" back again.  Thank you for passing your gift and your skills on Rachael, not just to me but to mankind in general, it all helps to make this world a much nicer place to live in.”  Bev, Cleckheaton

“When I've had a stressful day at work, I look forward to your class as I can just give myself over to it knowing I will feel relaxed and recharged afterwards.  I especially enjoy the information back ground on how the different postures help and the affirmation at the end.  However the way it turns me back in to a happy and relaxed person is the most beneficial aspect.....and my family will agree with that.  My partner says I look younger after class as the stress has left me.”  Karen, Bradford

"I have been doing Yoga for about six months, I joined the Yoga class at St Mary's Church Hall, Wyke.  I find the slow stretching has helped my lower back. I also had Reiki healing from Rachael, and this relieved the pain in my neck and shoulders.”  Bernard, West Bowling

“I have been coming to yoga for just four months. I find it gentle and relaxing but an all-round exercise. It has already made a difference to my painful and stiff back and shoulders.  I was amazed last week when I was in the car and could twist right round to look behind at a junction.  I love it and wish I had done it years ago.” Pam, Wyke

 “Rachael makes the classes interesting and varied, she explains the postures in depth and advises when improvements are needed.  I enjoy relaxing at the end of a stressful day.  I feel more supple at the end of the class and feel that my posture is improved.”  Janet, Pudsey

“After class I have a feeling of calmness and I feel more toned.” Janet, Bradford

“I would recommend Dru Yoga as a gentle flowing form or yoga that benefits mind as well as body.  I would recommend Rachael’s classes because she is able to understand and convey this in a warm friendly and attentive way which provides class members with a positive sense of calm and self-empowerment.  Rachael is an excellent teacher, with empathy and humour and an ability to find analogies which really help me to visualise how postures are meant to be done.  She is patient and gives 1:1 attention to ensure everyone is achieving postures correctly.  She takes each stage at a perfect pace and creates very positive energy within the group.   I have found myself able to manage properly postures that were previously beyond me.  Rachael has helped me to achieve confidence afresh.”  Madeleine, Bingley

“Rachael is very friendly, personable and smiley which creates a good atmosphere for yoga.  I like very much that she corrects my posture is it is not right as I much prefer the teacher to help me to get it right rather than letting me do it wrong.  I really like the way we start the class with a bit of breathing and lying down.”  Mandee, Bradford

“Rachael is personable with a good sense of humour.  Classes are good and always varied, we review some past bits, build on what we know and learn new techniques.  Rachael has a good way of explaining if you don’t understand and often asks our opinion.  I particularly liked the meditations and the affirmations, they were long lasting. My favourite is ‘My thoughts are those that will help others. My intentions are those that will help others.  My actions are those that will help others’”  Catherine, East Morton

"I came to Rachael around issues relating to anxiety.  Rachael has taken a holistic approach to my sessions, which I have really benefited from in many areas of my life.  I have come away feeling lighter, more confident and more grounded.  Rachael is approachable, understanding and clearly has a high level of expertise in what she does.  Her passion and commitment is obvious and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a therapist.” Kate, Drighlington

“After only one session of yoga I found that, although my back ached for a couple of days from doing the stretching, my shoulder and neck pain have gone”  Muriel, Wyke

"Rachael’s Development workshop raised awareness to look after myself.  It helped me to recognise my feelings, find ways to deal with how issues affect me and put things in to perspective more.   Her Dru Yoga classes are a light hearted break from day to day life and improve my sleep and reduce tension and her Reiki treatments are very relaxing and peaceful.”  Ann, Hightown

“I arrived at the workshop feeling tense and harassed and left feeling calm.  The atmosphere was relaxed and homely.  I will recommend ‘Aspire to be’ workshops to friends and take on doing EFT tapping & meditation regularly.”  Angey, Liversedge

"I have been attending Aspire to Be Dru Yoga classes run by Rachael Hattersley for nearly a year.  I have problems with my hip and leg and had been told by doctors not to undertake strenuous exercise.  Attending Dru Yoga classes enables me to exercise in a safe and gentle manner and I feel much healthier simply by being able to participate both physically and mentally.
Rachael is always friendly and cheerful towards everyone.  She is very patient and understanding and encourages everyone to join in and try other ways of doing the movements if they have any difficulties. I would happily recommend her Dru Yoga classes to all.”  Hazel, Wyke

“Rachael is friendly and confident.  She takes time to explain the yoga moves and postures.  I leave the class feeling relaxed and happy.”  Jane, Eccleshill