Global Relaxation

Did you ever notice that when you are relaxed and happy, your body relaxes? And that when you and your body are relaxed and happy the world around you seems to be more relaxed and happy?

Do you ever wonder, if we were all relaxed and happy, what the world could be like? ... and if just by being more relaxed and happy ourselves, we could create a more relaxed and happy life for ourselves and for those around us and for this beautiful planet of ours?

Ever noticed how when people unite towards a common goal or vision, that anything is possible and that that is when things start to change?

So I'd like to invite you to join me for a happy relaxation, from your bed, your sofa, your home, your place of work, from anywhere in fact .... and see what we can change and create?

Is today the day you choose something different?

It’s the first Sunday of the month at 8.30pm UK time, starting on Sunday 5th February 2017.

All you need is somewhere comfy to lie or sit ... and maybe a blanket or a duvet!

I’d love it if you could share this and invite your friends.... and lets see what we can create.

Thank you


Anyone can join by Zoom from a computer or phone. Its free to join.

Facebook event:

Dates: It’s the first Sunday of every month from 8.30pm – 9pm

5th Feb, 5th Mar, 2nd Apr, 7th May, 4th Jun, 2nd Jul, 6th Aug, 3rd Sep, 1st Oct, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec 2017 7th Jan 2018

Any questions contact Rachael on 07984 923243 or facebook message me.

Thank you