Fly Free - Growing Joy and Possibilities!

Recently, as I gave an introduction to Access Consciousness and Bars, a lady asked me if I was always this alive and joyful? She exclaimed that I had more fizz than an Alka-Seltzer!!! This is happening more and more often these days and I seem to receive nicknames such as Tigger, Kidddy Kipper, Skippy, Bouncer etc! :)

This, together with a few things I've read recently got me thinking, that perhaps my greatest gift is my joy and enthusiasm for life!

I love being so alive and joyful! Its truly my natural state of being! I particularly appreciate it after struggling with depression, low energy, poor health and barely being able to get myself out of bed for a few years! I don’t even recognise that person!

And so I wondered how I could share this joy and aliveness with the world to contribute to creating a happier, more joyful and vibrant place for us all to live and do this in a way that's joyful for me! So I'm setting up a monthly group to share practical, easy to use tips, tools and techniques to create, increase and expand joy, fun, playfulness, possibilities and awareness in all our lives! Yay! What else is possible? How does it get better than this? :)

It will be on the last Wednesday of the month starting on 29th July from 7pm - 9pm, either at my house in Cleckheaton, or if there is lots of interest I will rent a room around the Cleckheaton, Gomersal, Scholes, Wyke area of West Yorkshire.

There will be a theme / topic or tools to play with each month and we will follow the energy and what comes up! Questions and discussions will be welcome. :)

Please let me know if you are interested and to book a place.

Future dates:

26th August 7pm - 9pm

30th September 7pm - 9pm

28th October 7pm - 9pm

25th November 7pm - 9pm

Session 1 - 29th July 2015 - Theme - 'Life, it's a serious business..... or is it?' :)

I will sharing some tools and techniques you can play with for creating more fun and flow in your life. Looking at some of our patterns in terms of when and where we may take ourselves seriously? If it's helping? and what other choices are available to us?  Opening up some perspectives and creating some different, more expansive fun choices for each of us.

The format will be talking and discussing, so feel free to bring targets you may have or anything you'd like to change.

Looking forward to creating more fun and flow in all our lives! Yay!

Would love for you to be here being you and changing the world!

How much fun can we have and what else is possible we haven't even considered yet?