Dru is a graceful and flowing type of yoga with foundations from the ancient yogic tradition. In Dru Yoga all movements originate from the spine as a flexible, healthy, happy spine results in a flexible, healthy, happy person. It is designed to be practised by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups. Dru works on the body in a physical way, improving strength, flexibility and core stability. It also creates that feel good factor and works on the mind, emotions and spirit, increasing energy levels, positivity, confidence, self-esteem and general wellbeing.
In my own life I have found Dru yoga has helped me to overcome life's challenges and obstacles. It has improved my posture and reduced my back neck and shoulder pain. It also helps me to be more centred and grounded, so that I can respond more objectively and kindly to things that happen in day to day life.

What is Dru Yoga
How is Dru Yoga Different

The facts:
'Dru Yoga should be available in every GP surgery.' Dr Hilary Jones
In 2005, 450 graduates and participants in Dru Yoga Courses all over the world were asked about the effects of their practice.
> 72 % found Dru Yoga reduced back pain
> 93 % experienced improved spine flexibility
> 86% enjoyed increased energy levels
> 89% experienced improved breathing with yoga
> 89% can now reduce and control stress levels
> 81% have greater confidence and self-empowerment
> 84% benefited from enhanced mood since practising Dru Yoga
> 83% felt emotionally balanced
> 91% gained peace of mind by overcoming negative thinking

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Daytime Classes in Galloway

  • Thursday Lunchtime …. 12.30pm - 2.00pm

Laurieston Vilage Hall(Balmaghie Public Hall), Laurieston, Castle Douglas, DG7 2PW

Evening Classes in Galloway

  • WednesdayEvening …….... 7.30pm - 9pm

Laurieston Vilage Hall(Balmaghie Public Hall), Laurieston, Castle Douglas, DG7 2PW

To book a place, contact Rachael:

T. 01644 450269

Dru Yoga is suitable for all abilities, no previous experience is necessary.
Please bring a mat, blanket and cushion